Monday, July 29th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

moma for Mari: render Mari scenes in Modo’s renderer

Developer Jacobo Barreiro has released the first official alpha of moma for Mari, his tool for rendering Mari scenes using Modo’s render engine.

Regular readers may remember moma, Barreiro’s two-way bridge between Modo and Maya – and in fact, moma for Mari is really just the latest release of moma.

Since version 0.7.6 of the software, Mari has been officially supported alongside Maya. (And fortunately, since both packages start with the same two letters, the name holds good, too.)

A better preview workflow for Mari users
Moma enables Mari users to preview scenes via Modo’s fast Preview renderer, which can be launched in a floating window. The software supports all of Mari 2.0’s layer types, including procedurals and adjustment layers.

Since Moma provides a two-way bridge between the two software packages, individual Mari channels can be assigned to any Modo effect, too.

Other features include:

  • Support for multiple UV patches (up to 4,000)
  • Supports all modo BRDF material channels (effects)
  • Mari channels can include any number or type of layers
  • Save LXO scenes and open them up in modo
  • Update lighting/shading changes made directly from modo
  • Control mesh subdivision and channel visibility from Mari
  • Pick which of Mari’s cameras to use (Perspective, Ortho)

Moma for Mari is available now as a free download. It requires Modo 601 or 701, and has been tested on Mari 1.6 and Mari 2.0. You will need to be running Windows XP, Vista or 7, though: so far, there’s no OS X version.

The link below was current at time of writing, but Barreiro has released five updates in a week, adding fixes and new features, so it’s worth checking the Announcements section of his forum, too.

Download Moma for Mari v0.7.65

(Link to the alpha is in grey at foot of post)