Monday, May 27th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sitni Sati ships FumeFX for Maya

FumeFX’s new Gravity parameter and Effectors in action: the upper half of the simulation grid has inverted gravity. Developer Sitni Sati has just released the gaseous fluid simulation software for Maya.

Sitni Sati has released FumeFX for Maya: a new Maya version of its 3ds Max gaseous fluid simulator, used on movies including Hugo, Thor and 2012.

The software creates multi-threaded highly directable simulations, with options to pause and restart sims at any point, simulate nested grids in one go, or apply deformers to simulation caches.

Like the Max version, but for Maya
As far as we can tell from the website, FumeFX for Maya is feature-identical with FumeFX 3.5 for 3ds Max: it certainly has the new features from the 3.x series, including Effectors (above) and RenderWarps.

The simulations may be rendered in mental ray.

FumeFX for Maya is available now for Maya 2011 and above, although only for Windows or Linux. A single licence costs $845, including one extra simulation licence and five mental ray rendering nodes.

Existing users of the 3ds Max version of the software can crossgrade to the Maya version for $395.

Read a full list of features in FumeFX for Maya