Thursday, February 7th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Southpaw Technology open-sources Tactic

[Originally posted on: 10 August 2012. Scroll down for updates.]

Southpaw Technology has released its Tactic asset-management system under an open-source EPL licence.

The move applies to both the standalone Tactic Team edition of the software, and Tactic Enterprise, which runs on a web server and requires an enterprise database.

According to the Southpaw website, the developer will continue to offer commercial licensing options, which also include updates and support.

Current Tactic customers include Digital Domain Media Group, Nissan and Lockheed Martin.

Updated 7 February 2013: Southpaw Technology has just released a Mac OS X version of Tactic Team.

Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital content creators, announced today that it has released its technology under the Eclipse Public License, an OSI (Open Source Initiative) approved open source license. Effective immediately, any team, studio, department or enterprise creating digital content can download TACTIC for free and start using it to manage their assets, projects and creative workflow. The Company will continue to offer support packages, professional services and commercial licenses to entities who prefer or require such licenses. The open source version of TACTIC can be downloaded at:

“It’s time to re-think how companies approach asset management, project management and workflow,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “TACTIC is now being used across multiple industries, where every company has its own unique workflow, and needs a foundational product like ours to streamline that workflow. We are aware that removing the restrictive licensing fees is a win-win for everyone. Without upfront costs, customers can gain access to a very mature and very flexible production asset management solution that they can adapt to their internal toolset and processes, without any restrictions. And if those companies need assistance, they can come to the TACTIC experts, us.”

The open source code will initially be available from Southpaw Technology in a new product called TACTIC TEAM. Downloadable from Southpaw’s site, TACTIC TEAM is a desktop version of TACTIC that is ideal for smaller teams and for the evaluation of TACTIC’s core features. Once users get accustomed to TACTIC TEAM, they can upgrade to the more robust TACTIC ENTERPRISE with or without assistance from the Southpaw support staff.

Southpaw Technology has produced a handful of tutorial videos to get new users started, as well as launched a community forum where users can share information, code, add-ons, and insights. Southpaw will continue to offer commercial licenses to any company, educational institute and governmental agency who so desires them. In addition, Southpaw will maintain it’s Premium Support and Professional Services offerings for those companies that require assistance in customizing TACTIC to their specific environment.

Download the open-source version of Tactic