Thursday, May 9th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Southpaw Technology releases Tactic 4.0

Tactic 4.0 in action. Southpaw Technology has used the features of the latest release, including improved database connectivity and HTML5 theming, to power the new plugin download page on its community site.

Southpaw Technology has updated Tactic, its recently open-sourced asset and project-management system.

Version 4.0 of the software focuses on ease of pipeline integration, improving database connectivity, adding a new plugin architecture, and adding HTML5 theming to enable studios to skin Tactic to match in-house tools.

Tactic 4.0 is available now for Windows, OS X and Linux. A range of paid-for support packages are available.

Southpaw Technology, the developer of open source TACTIC, today announced the launch of its latest version, TACTIC 4.0. The new version includes improvements to TACTIC’s data connection technology, a new plug-in architecture and configurable HTML5 themes, all of which will help companies customize the way they make, move, store and share digital data across heterogeneous computing environments.

TACTIC has long combined robust file management and versioning with workflow and project management features to move digital assets (aka data, content) through the creation process more efficiently and securely. TACTIC 4.0 builds on that functionality in an entirely configurable way.

Many companies have legacy infrastructures that include disparate databases, file systems and applications. Rather than forcing companies into a specific workflow that may require replacing some or all of that infrastructure, TACTIC 4.0’s extended data connection technology enables companies to map onto any database or file system, no matter how new or old, and to interact with the data in those systems. The addition of customizable HTML5 themes allow developers to design templates and interfaces that provide a unified, intuitive and branded way to move data across teams, departments and organizations. In short, TACTIC 4.0 will let companies design their own custom workflows to solve any number of internal data challenges.

TACTIC 4.0 enables companies to design any solution that incorporates workflow elements. These solutions may be as vast as enterprise-level Digital Asset Management systems, Business Process Management systems or Project Management systems, or as finite as a new workflow for connecting new orders with specific files and tasks.

TACTIC 4.0 New Features:
Updated Data Connection Technology: TACTIC 4.0 adds an updated data connection technology to its powerful APIs, allowing developers to mine data without programming from multiple databases and file systems, whether they’re brand new or a decade old, and to interact with that data in views and forms.

New Plugin Architecture: TACTIC’s plugins allow anything in TACTIC to be packaged up and “plugged in” to any other TACTIC server, such as additional tools, widgets, project configurations, custom APIs, themes and much more. In addition, any developer who is a member of the TACTIC community can upload their own plugins to the TACTIC community site for others to download.

HTML5 Themes: TACTIC 4.0 has now been opened up to allow developers to start with a clean HTML5 slate and develop their own custom, branded interfaces for interacting with and moving data across teams, departments and organizations.

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