Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

iToo Software ships Forest Pack 4 for 3ds Max

iToo Software has released an update to Forest Pack, its vegetation system for 3ds Max. The plugin enables users to scatter millions of billboards or meshes across a surface while keeping render times manageable.

Extended support for third-party renderers
Forest Pack 4 adds support for the full gamut of third-party 3ds Max render engines. The plugin now supports Maxwell Render, V-Ray RT, Arion, Octane Render and Thea Render natively.

Other new features include support for groups within Custom Objects, enabling users to scatter groups of plants – for example, mixtures of grass and flowers – preserving their composition.

The point cloud display gets a new, more realistic shading mode; there is support for custom Look At targets independent of the camera; and new options to control Density and Scale falloff by slope.

There have also been a number of changes to the built-in Library Browser and Tree Editor: you can find a full list on the iToo Software website.

Try the Lite version for free
Forest Pack 4 Pro is available now. Prices start at €180 (around $240). The Lite version of the plugin, which offers a restricted set of features, is free.

Read a full list of new features in Forest Pack 4

Download Forest Pack 4 Lite