Monday, November 26th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mir Vadim releases RayFire 1.60 for 3ds Max

Mir Vadim has updated the RayFire destruction plugin for 3ds Max. There is one new feature in RayFire 1.60, but it’s a pretty awesome one: RayFire Trace enables you to use a texture map to control how an object breaks.

The system supports both photographic and procedural textures, and there are a range of control options – but as the video shows, you get great results essentially by slapping a stock image onto a model and shattering it.

The example that really stood out for us is at 0:30 in the video: applying a photo of old plaster work and using it to shatter the wall behind only where the bricks are exposed.

A few Easter eggs
The video was clearly a lot of fun to put together: the final sims ramp up to increasingly processor-boggling numbers of fragments, and one subtitle enquires, ‘Does anyone read this?’

Cheeky. Of course we do…

Read more about RayFire 1.60 on the RayFire website

Download the trial version of RayFire 1.60