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e-on software unveils Vue 10.5 Infinite and xStream

Introduced in Vue 10, the spline tool editor has been extended in the upcoming Vue 10.5 Infinite and xStream.

e-on software has announced Vue 10.5 xStream and Infinite, the latest updates to the professional editions of its 3D environment-generation software.

New features including improvements to the spline toolset, the option to stack instances of EcoSystems, an updated Terrain Fractal node, and extensions to Python and network rendering tools.

Users of Vue 10.5 xStream also get the option to import multiple Vue cameras to their host app.

e-on notes that the new features were chosen following feedback from e-on’s professional user base: as far as we can remember, the first time this has been stressed explicitly in its news releases.

The update is available now to users on maintenance contracts. Pricing will remain unchanged at $1,495 for Vue 10.5 xStream and $995 for Vue 10.5 Infinite when the software ships publicly later this year.

e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for Digital Nature, pre-released today Vue 10.5 xStream and Infinite, the latest production-driven version of its professional solutions for the creation, animation and rendering of natural 3D environments.

New features of Vue 10.5
Specifically designed for graphics professionals, Vue xStream and Vue Infinite combine a multitude of cutting edge features that easily integrate into existing production pipelines. Vue Infinite operates as a standalone application while Vue xStream works seamlessly inside 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave and Cinema4D.

The Vue 10.5 feature set was designed following production feedback from e-on software’s professional users. This new version includes many feature and interface optimizations, leading to a better, faster and more streamlined workflow.

Among other new features version 10.5 includes the following:

  • Multiple Vue Camera Import
    All Vue cameras present in the scene can be imported to the host application (Vue xStream specific).
  • Directional Light Matching
    The Vue sun may now be tied to any directional light from the native scene in the host application (Vue xStream specific).
  • Spline Roll
    It is now possible to add roll to spline keypoints using the local rotation gizmo e.g. to create leaning roads or roller coaster rails that bank along bends.
  • Spline Resampling
    To complement Vue’s Automatic Path Finding, Vue 10.5 introduces Spline Resampling that creates new spline keys while keeping the original spline path to better hug the underlying surface.
  • EcoSystem Stacking
    Users will now be able to stack EcoSystem instances on top of each other. This new feature is available both while painting an EcoSystem or directly from the material editor.
  • Rock Convexity
    The Rock Convexity material node changes the look of the rocks based on their actual geometry, for instance to create dirty insets or polished edges.
  • TerrainFractal 2
    Vue 10.5 introduces a new version of the original Terrain Fractal node with optional stratification. Terrain Fractal 2 generates a higher diversity of natural looking shapes, and rough areas of rocks and cliffs are more convincingly integrated in the relief.
  • Deeper customization thanks to new Python functions
    Vue 10.5 adds several new commands to the Python library, such as: Add/remove/move spline points or modify spline effects, Add or modify cloud layers, Manage object animation functions, Hide objects from render, Enable or disable dialogs to popup or set callbacks, and a lot more…
  • Network rendering improvements
    RenderCow CPU affinity is automatically synchronized with the Windows task manager, RenderCows can be paused directly from the tray icon, the scene render size can be overwritten directly via a RenderNode command line…
  • Many other improvements such as angular splines, Terrain Color Pattern node, EcoSystem manipulation and customization improvements, Render Stack management improvements, cloud layer dummies grouping and more.

A complete and detailed list of features will be made available at the time of final release.

Vue 10.5 Available as Pre-release
Vue 10.5 is available free of charge for all users under maintenance. Users of Vue 10 who are not under maintenance and wish to advance to Vue 10.5 should purchase maintenance today (they will receive Vue 10.5 and the Vue 11 upgrade free of charge).

If they wish, users under maintenance can immediately download a pre-release version of Vue 10.5. Users of Vue 10 who subscribe to a maintenance plan today will also be granted access to this pre-release version.

Vue 10.5 xStream and Vue 10.5 Infinite are expected to ship during Q2 2012. Customers who purchased Vue 10 xStream or Infinite within 30 days of the release of Vue 10.5 will receive Vue 10.5 at no cost as part of the Free 30 Day Maintenance included with all new purchases.

Standard Retail Price
Vue 10.5 xStream will retail for $1,790 with one year maintenance ($1495 without maintenance). A one year standard maintenance plan for xStream costs $395 (renewal: $295 only!).

Vue 10.5 Infinite will retail for $1,190 with one year maintenance ($995 without maintenance). A one year standard maintenance plan for Infinite costs $295 (renewal: $195 only!).

Upgrades from Vue 9.x xStream to Vue 10.5 xStream will be available for $495. Upgrades from Vue 9.x Infinite to Vue 10.5 Infinite will be available for $395 (upgrades from Vue 8.x will also be available). Full pricing information will be disclosed at the time of release.

Annual subscriptions for Educational licenses of Vue xStream and Infinite are available respectively for $149/year/seat and $99/year/seat. Upgrades to Vue 10.5 are free for owners of active educational licenses of Vue 10.

Vue 10.5 xStream and Vue 10.5 Infinite are available in English for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and on Mac OSX 10.5+ (Mac Intel only), for both 32 and 64 bit.

Vue 10.5 xStream is compatible with the following renderers:

3ds Max 2008 to 2013: MentalRay (integrated and MR satellites), V-Ray
Maya 2008 to 2013: MentalRay (integrated and MR satellites), V-Ray, Maya Software
Softimage | XSI 7.0 to 2013: MentalRay (integrated and MR satellites)
Cinema 4D R11 to R13: native renderer
LightWave 9.3 to 11: native renderer
Other renderers are under consideration.

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