Friday, February 17th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

NewTek begins shipping LightWave 11

NewTek’s Rob Powers introduces the new features of LightWave 11 at last year’s official launch event.

NewTek has begun shipping LightWave 11, if the new ‘Buy Now’ button on its website is anything to go by.

Originally announced last November, LightWave 11 was originally due to ship at the end of 2011, but has been stuck in final bugfixing for a month or so.

New features in the release include improved instancing and flocking, the addition of Bullet dynamics, and updates to the data interchange, virtual studio and FiberFX hair simulation toolsets.

As yet, we haven’t seen an official news announcement, but we’ll update if the press release adds any new details. Pricing remains unchanged at $1,495, while the upgrade from previous versions costs $695.

Updated 20 February: The official news release is now available. It doesn’t add much bar a user quote, but you can read it on NewTek’s website.

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