Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

V-Motion releases Quantum Force for RealFlow

Quantum Force enables users to ‘sculpt’ RealFlow simulations with forces. The video shows mainly sims in progress: we can’t wait to see some more final renders.

V-Motion has released Quantum Force, a new plugin enabling RealFlow users to art direct simulations, using forces to ‘sculpt’ the movement of a fluid.

Quantum Force offers seven different force modes (indicated with satisfyingly chunky icons in the video above): Accelerate, Push, Pull, Attract, Heat and Filter – the latter of which can be used in two modes depending on whether you use grid cells to store force information.

In addition to the grid solver, the plugin supports particle-based simulations, permitting “completely new event programming, not by generic parameters such as age or velocity, but by particle and object positions”.

Getting started with Quantum Force: V-Motion’s introductory tutorial for the new plugin.

Quantum Force isn’t the first foray into tool development from V-Motion – or one half of it, at least.

Regular readers may recall Ian Clemmer’s Superflow motion graphics add-on for 3ds Max, which we wrote about last year, and which is currently available from the V-Motion website along with three new sister products.

Quantum Force itself is compatible with RealFlow 5 and above, and is available now, price $399.

Visit the V-Motion website