Thursday, July 28th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Next Limit releases RealFlow 2012
RealFlow 2012’s new fracture tool in action. For more videos of RealFlow 2012, click here.

Next Limit has released an update to its RealFlow fluid-simulation software, significantly expanding the capabilities of its Hybrido solver and its rigid-body dynamics tools.

RealFlow 2012 (RealFlow 6, had Next Limit not switched to Autodesk-style numbering) builds on version 5’s Caronte dynamics solver, adding Voronoi fracturing and ‘servos’ (simulations controlled by virtual ‘engines’).

Hybrido, the hybrid grid/particle-based fluid solver introduced in RealFlow 5, now gives more complex and controllable results, adding four new emitter types and support for secondary splashes.

RealFlow 6 also introduces a new Retimer tool for slowing, speeding up or reversing simulations, and a number of GUI updates.

Pricing remains unchanged at $3,995 for a Standard licence or $500 for a node licence.

Next Limit has also introduced a new one-year Learning Edition, which is restricted to 100 Caronte objects and 100,000 particles. It costs $245.

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