Monday, October 3rd, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Next Limit boosts RealFlow 2012 Learning Edition

RealFlow 2012 in action. The Learning Edition now offers unlimited access to all the features of the commercial version of the software, bar XML export and access to the RealFlow Render Kit.

Next Limit has revamped the Learning Edition of RealFlow, removing the time limit and many of the restrictions.

Introduced earlier this year, the Learning Edition originally offered users a one-year licence of RealFlow 2012 limited to 100 Caronte rigid body dynamics objects and 100,000 particles.

The news received a mixed reception: while users supported the idea of an educational edition, it was felt that the simulation limits were set too low, particularly in a product for which Next Limit was charging $245.

Today’s announcement removes those limitations, offering Learning Edition users an unlimited licence, unlimited grid resolution and unlimited particle counts – and throws in a year’s maintenance.

The RealFlow RenderKit remains locked, as does XML import/export, and the learning edition still saves in its own proprietary format, incompatible with the commercial version.

However, the Learning Edition now looks a whole lot more viable as an educational tool – and a whole lot more attractive as a commercial product. The price remains unchanged at $245.

The updated RealFlow 2012 Learning Edition is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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