Friday, May 27th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

DAZ 3D ships DAZ Studio 4

DAZ 3D has released DAZ Studio 4, the latest version of its free character posing and animation tool.

The release marks the debut of DAZ’s new Genesis figure platform. Whereas morphs and textures could be shared between some of DAZ’s generation 3 and generation 4 figures, including Michael and Victoria, the process would break down with characters that deviated significantly from the human proportions. Under the Genesis system, all figures share a common, automatically adjusted rig.

DAZ has also released a separate plug-in for converting clothing and hair developed for previous-generation figures to the Genesis platform. Auto-Fit costs $99.95.

Today DAZ 3D introduced DAZ Studio 4, the latest version of DAZ 3D’s character creation, art and animation tool. DAZ Studio 4 makes the creation process fun, while setting the new standard for 3D figure design tools by introducing the Genesis™ figure platform.

“We’re excited to share our new technology as it provides a fun and easy-to-use platform for both our hobbyist and professional customers who want to create high-quality graphics,” said Dan Farr, CEO of DAZ 3D. DAZ Studio 4 provides an advanced platform for versatile 3D human models. This platform is the basis for the new Genesis series of figures from DAZ 3D. The Genesis series allows for a virtually limitless set of figure variations that can all be built from a common base. These variations can range in both size and proportion while sharing a single joint system.

“Everything from muscle-bound freaks and curvy super-heroines, to toon-style kids or frightfully disgusting monsters can all be created and combined together in infinite combinations, limited only by the artist’s imagination, to form a completely new custom 3D model,” explains Dan Farr.

DAZ Studio 4 utilizes a new file format that is lightweight, easy to transfer and exists in an open format for easy editing. No longer satisfied with the inherent constraints of building upon a third-party platform, DAZ 3D established a new, open platform. DAZ 3D has also announced that they will support any other vendors that offer this file format within their tools.

Key DAZ Studio 4 features include:

  • TriAx™ Weight-Map System: Artists now have unparalleled flexibility with our patent-pending weight-map per-axis joint system.
  • Auto-Rigging: Artists can now take the base Genesis mesh and push or pull it into virtually anything imaginable. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways. DAZ Studio 4 automatically adjusts the Genesis base skeletal rig to fit within the new shape.
  • Auto-Fit Plug-in: This tool, available separately, allows customers to up-convert clothes and hairstyles from DAZ 3D’s prior generation of figures for use with the new Genesis series so that their past investments are protected.
  • Smart Content: This new content tells DAZ Studio 4 what type of asset it is, and what other assets are compatible with it. DAZ Studio 4, in turn, can then filter out anything that’s not compatible with what the artist is working on.
  • Content Management Service (CMS): This allows customers to easily find their content by keyword, category and/or compatibility by using a standard meta-data structure.
  • Pricing and Availability
    DAZ Studio 4 is available now for free download in both Macintosh and Windows formats. The Auto-Fit plug-in is priced at $99.95.

    Visit the DAZ Studio website