Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

DAZ 3D releases Michael 5

Michael 5 is the first version of the stock figure natively compatible with DAZ 3D’s new Genesis figure platform.

DAZ 3D has released Michael 5, the latest version of its popular stock male digital character.

This is the first version of Michael natively compatible with the Genesis system introduced in DAZ Studio 4, which enables users to blend between any of the compatible figures, regardless of bodily proportions.

The release follows that of Michael’s female counterpart, Victoria 5 for Genesis, which shipped earlier this year. Previous versions of the two characters could only be added to the standard Genesis base figure as morphs.

Pricing for Michael 5 starts at $39.95 for the base model and textures, rising to $199.95 for the complete 3D Model Pro Suite bundle. All four editions are currently available at introductory discounts.

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