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Sitni Sati releases FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Sitni Sati has released FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D, the first version of the popular gaseous fluid simulator to be available for Maxon’s 3D software.

The new edition is integrated with Cinema 4D’s native toolsets, and includes the key features from the 3ds Max and Maya editions of the software, including the new GPU-accelerated viewport display.

A robust visual effects tool, now available for Cinema 4D users
Through its 3ds Max and Maya editions, Fume FX has become a staple part of many VFX studios’ pipelines, with movie credits including Justice League, Deadpool, Independence Day 2 and Doctor Strange.

The software provides a robust set of tools for simulating fire and smoke, including options to break large simulations into smaller sub-systems, and to retime and detail existing sims.

The new Cinema 4D edition makes those toolsets available to Maxon users, providing an alternative to existing third-party simulation apps like TurbulenceFD.

It integrates with Cinema 4D’s key tools, including the option to use native deformers to modify FumeFX simulations, and to access “almost all” of FumeFX user dialog parameters via the Xpresso editor.

Simulations can be rendered directly in Cinema 4D’s Standard and Physical render engines, and in Arnold; and can be exported to other third-party engines like OctaneRender and Reshift in VDB format.

Includes the key features from FumeFX 5.x for 3ds Max and Maya
The new Cinema 4D edition also includes the key features added to FumeFX in the recent 5.x updates, including the new GPU-accelerated viewport preview.

We’ve written about both the 3ds Max and Maya editions in the past, so check out this story on FumeFX 5.x for 3ds Max for more detail on the newest features.

Pricing and system requirements
FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D is available now for Cinema 4D running on Windows 8+ only. A perpetual workstation licence costs $695; rental costs $395/year.

Read an overview of the features in FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D on Sitni Sati’s website

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