Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get over 500 free game-ready animations to use in Unreal Engine

Epic Games has released the Game Animation Sample, a free Unreal Engine project that contains a library of over 500 “AAA-quality” animations.

The animations are compatible with all UE Mannequins, and can be used in any Unreal Engine project, including offline animations, VFX and visualization work.

The Game Animation Sample itself, which comes with a character and animation Blueprint, can also be used as a plug-and-play locomotion system for games projects.

A locomotion system built using Unreal Engine’s new animation features
The Game Animation Sample is a third-person locomotion system powered by Unreal Engine’s motion matching system, and featuring walk, run, jump and fall states.

It is built according to current motion matching best practices, so at one level, it’s simply a learning resource for one of Unreal Engine 5’s newer toolsets.

Epic plans to update the project regularly as new features are added to the software.

Also acts as a library of readymade assets for use in other Unreal Engine projects
However, both the sample and the library of motion-captured animations around which it is built are also intended as resources that can be used within users’ own projects.

The animations themselves can be retargeted to other humanoid characters, while the sample itself can be used as the basis for a custom in-game locomotion system.

System requirements and availability
Epic Games’ Game Animation Sample is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.4. It’s free.

The project and the assets it contains are only licensed for use with Unreal Engine, but can be used in commercial projects.

Download Epic Games’ free Game Animation Sample from the Unreal Marketplace

Read more about how to use the Game Animation Sample in the online documentation

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