Monday, June 3rd, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

AMD launches new dual-slot Radeon Pro W7900 pro GPU

AMD has unveiled the Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot, a slimmed-down version of the Radeon Pro W7900, its current flagship workstation card for professional CG work.

The new 48GB card, due to ship later this month, has the same core specs as the triple-slot original, but the launch price has been reduced by $500, to $3,499.

It was announced at Computex 2024 this week, alongside two new families of CPUs, the Ryzen AI 300 Series for laptops and Ryzen 9000 Series for gaming desktops.

AMD workstation GPUs
Radeon Pro W7900
Dual Slot
Radeon Pro W7900
Triple Slot
Architecture RDNA 3 RDNA 3
Stream processors 6,144 6,144
AI accelerators 192 192
Ray accelerators 96 96
FP32 compute performance (Tflops) 61.3 61.3
GPU memory 48GB GDDR6 48GB GDDR6
Memory bandwidth (GB/s) 864 864
TBP 295W 295W
Slot width 2 3
Display 3 x DP 2.1
1 x MiniDP 2.1
3 x DP 2.1
1 x MiniDP 2.1
Release date 2024 2023
Launch MSRP $3,499 $3,999

Key specifications unchanged from the original triple-slot card
On its release last year, the Radeon Pro W7900 became the first workstation card to use AMD’s new RDNA 3 GPU architecture.

As with RDNA 2, it includes dedicated hardware cores for general GPU computing and for ray tracing, plus new AI accelerators and native AV1 encoding and decoding.

The new Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot has identical core specs, but as a dual-slot rather than triple-slot card, you can fit more of them into a workstation chassis.

AMD is marketing the new card primarily at desktop AI workflows, but the ability to build multi-GPU systems also benefits computer graphics work.

It also offers more bang for your buck, since the launch price is down $500 on the original, at $3,499.

Benchmark results in DCC and CAD software
AMD released a range of benchmark results for the original triple-slot Radeon Pro W7900, including DCC, compositing, video editing, and CAD and visualization software.

They included performance-per-dollar comparisons with NVIDIA GPUs in Maya, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve, summarized in our original story.

The new form factor shouldn’t significantly affect performance, so price-performance should be even more favorable for the Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot.

Price and availability
The Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot should become available later this month, at a launch price of $3,499.

Read more about the Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot on AMD’s website

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