Sunday, March 17th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk acquires PIX

Autodesk has completed its acquisition of production management solution PIX from previous developer X2X. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The company now aims to connect PIX with Flow, its ‘industry cloud’ for media and entertainment, to strengthen its capabilities to ingest and manage on-set data.

A production management and collaboration platform for film and broadcast
The deal, initially announced last month, will see Autodesk acquire PIX from X2X.

Described as “the industry-standard tool for securely sharing dailies and cuts”, PIX is a production management and virtual collaboration platform.

As well as enabling film makers to upload the digital assets for a production to a shared location for review, PIX is intended to enable creatives working off set to influence the work of the on-set crew.

Bolstering Flow’s on-set capabilities
Autodesk now aims to connect PIX with Flow, its new cloud-based platform for connecting “people, workflows, and data across the entire production lifecycle”.

According to Autodesk, “Much of the data … that our customers rely on is generated on set, yet because [on-set work and post-production have] historically been disconnected, it often doesn’t make it all the way downstream … causing considerable inefficiency.”

“The addition of PIX to Autodesk will make it easier to share data captured on set with studio executives and production teams .. linking a previously disparate workflow.

“Connecting PIX’s production management solution to Flow will ensure a better flow of data to all stakeholders and help reduce inefficiency.”

Flow will become the latest Autodesk acquisition to be connected to Flow, the firm having previously announced that it planned to integrate Moxion, the digital dailies platform it acquired in 2022.

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