Thursday, December 21st, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Erik Lehmann releases RS UV Kit 2.1 for Maya

DNEG Lead Build TD Erik Lehmann has released RS UV Kit 2.1, the latest version of his Maya add-on intended to provide a more streamlined alternative to Maya’s native UV unfolding tools.

The update adds a new set of tools for working with UDIMs, including options for selecting and moving UV shells between UDIM tiles, and a UDIM-aware UV packer.

The add-on can also now automatically check assets for common UV errors, such as overlapping UVs, or UV islands that cross UDIM borders.

Streamline UV unfolding and UV packing workflow in Maya
One of a set of Python tools created by Lehmann to streamline common workflows in Maya, RS UV Kit is intended to speed up common tasks when unfolding and editing UVs.

Users can direct the unfolding process by selecting edges on a mesh in the viewport to form UV seams.

The software also provides tools for straightening UV islands, arranging them on a grid in UV space, and rotating or scaling individual islands.

There are other useful options for equalising the UV space occupied by selected objects, transferring UV layouts between objects, and using checkermaps to check for UV distortion.

RS UV Kit 2.1: new tools for working with UDIMs
RS UV Kit 2.1 is the first major update to the add-on in over two years, and its a sizeable release, adding a new set of tools for working with UVs in the UDIM layout format.

They include a new UDIM Packer, which automatically packs UVs to the appropriate UDIM tile, with options to sort UV shells by height, or pack UV shell groups by bounding box.

There are also general-purpose options to select all of the UV shells within a UDIM tile, and to move the contents of a tile from one UDIM to another.

New automated UV checks, and updates to existing features
Other changes include automated checks for overlapping UVs, or UVs crossing UDIM borders.

There are also updates to the existing Unfold, Aligh and Grid Arrange tools – you can find a full changelog via the links below – plus the option to scale the UI up to 200%.

Pricing and system requirements
RS UV Kit 2.1 is compatible with Maya 2022+. Prices have doubled since version 2.0 was released, with a single licence now costing $30, and a Studio licence costing $1,500.

Read a full list of new features in RS UV Kit 2.1 in the online changelog

Get RS UV Kit 2.1 from Erik Lehmann’s Gumroad store

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