Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Erik Lehmann ships RS UV Kit 2.0 for Maya

Scanline VFX senior modeler Erik Lehmann has released RS UV Kit 2.0, the latest version of his Maya add-on intended to provide a more streamlined alternative to the software’s native UV unfolding tools.

The update rebuilds the Python tool from scratch and updates the UI to a more compact design.

Streamline UV unfolding and UV packing workflow in Maya
One of a set of Python tools created by Lehmann to streamline common workflows in Maya, RS UV Kit is a “powerful toolkit … that automates and simplifies aspects of the recurring UV unfold/layout process”.

Users can direct the unfolding process by selecting edges on a mesh in the viewport to form UV seams.

The software also provides tools for straightening UV islands, arranging them on a grid in UV space, rotating or scaling individual islands, and moving islands between UDIM tiles.

There are also useful options for equalising the UV space occupied by selected objects, transferring UV layouts between objects, and assigning and editing checkermaps to check for UV distortion.

Version 2.0 also introduces a more compact collapsible interface, intended to reduce use of screen space.

Pricing and system requirements
RS UV Kit 2.0 is available for Maya 2019+ on Windows, Linux and macOS. A single licence costs $15; a Studio licence costs $750.

Read more about RS UV Kit 2.0 for Maya in the online documentation

Get RS UV Kit 2.0 from Erik Lehmann’s Gumroad store