Monday, October 16th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out text-to-3D service Masterpiece X – Generate

Masterpiece Studio has launched Masterpiece X – Generate, a new text-to-3D service.

The browser-based generative AI system lets users generate low-poly textured characters, creatures and props in GLB format for use in for use in indie games or AR projects.

The assets can then be edited using Masterpiece X, Masterpiece Studio’s free application for ‘remixing’ 3D models in virtual reality.

Generate simple textured 3D models in GLB format by entering text descriptions
Masterpiece X – Generate makes it possible to generate 3D models by entering simple text descriptions like ‘athletic male superhero’, following a wizard-driven workflow.

Assets are generated with textures, with the option to add animation when creating a human character. The process typically takes two to eight minutes per model.

The completed asset can then be downloaded in GLB format for use in game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine, or DCC applications like Blender.

Users can also edit the assets using Masterpiece X itself, Masterpiece Studio’s free app for ‘remixing’ 3D models in virtual reality, which makes it possible to edit their geometry or textures, or add rigs and animation.

Based on NVIDIA’s Picasso platform
Although a number of other companies have announced that they are working on text-to-3D services, Masterpiece X – Generate is one of the first to become publicly available.

The system combines Masterpiece Studio’s own proprietary AI process with Picasso, NVIDIA’s generative AI platform, also used in Shutterstock’s upcoming text-to-3D service.

Masterpiece Studio’s website provides a brief description of the data set on which the AI model was trained, but it doesn’t go into specifics. We’ve contacted the firm for more details, and will update if we hear back.

Currently restricted to objects, humans and animals
Masterpiece Studio describes the initial release of Generate as “just the first step” in developing generative AI services, and its capabilities are currently limited.

It generates lightweight 3D assets of a type suitable for AR projects or indie games, so it isn’t suited to AAA projects or offline work.

Model generation is also restricted to pre-defined categories for objects, humans and animals – it isn’t intended for creating buildings or landscapes – and Masterpiece Studio says that ‘unusual’ prompts like ‘a gorilla with no legs’ may generate unexpected results.

Price and system requirements
Masterpiece X – Generate runs in a standard desktop or mobile web browser.

The service is priced on a credit basis. Credits cost $14.99 for 750, and generating a model consumes 50 credits. Subscriptions start at $10.99/month for 750 credits/month.

Masterpiece X itself is compatible with Meta’s Quest and Quest Pro headsets and Touch controllers. The base app is free in early access.

Read more about Masterpiece X – Generate on Masterpiece Studio’s blog

Download free 3D model generation app Masterpiece X from the Meta Quest online store

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