Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boonika Art Tools launches AAA Terrains and Erosion Mixer

Boonika Art Tools, the tools development part of Boonar Studio, has released AAA Terrains, a new set of high-resolution terrains for use in DCC applications and game engines.

As well as sets of heightmaps and color textures, the Pro version comes with supporting Blender files, including Erosion Mixer, a Geometry Nodes setup for mimicking weathering.

Erosion Mixer has also been added to Terrain Mixer, Boonar Studio’s node-based terrain-generation system for Blender.

A set of 16K heightmaps and color textures for generating high-resolution 3D terrain
The core of AAA Terrains is a set of high-resolution terrains – 16K height maps and color textures – that can be used in DCC software or game engines like Unreal Engine.

It comprises 24 terrains, all mountains and canyones, but Boonika Art Tools says that it plans to expand the library to cover other types of landscape, including islands, deserts and plains.

Comes with Erosion Mixer: a Blender Geometry Nodes setup to mimic weathering effects
The Pro version also comes with a set of Blender files to streamline the process of turning the source textures into customisable 3D terrain.

They include a basic readymade terrain into which the textures can be imported, an Advanced Terrain Material, and Erosion Mixer, a new tool for mimicking the effect of weathering on terrain.

It’s a Geometry Nodes setup, and makes it possible to create custom erosion effects by plugging in up to four height maps and blending between them.

Erosion Mixer has also been added to Terrain Mixer 2.10, the latest version of Boonika Art Tools’ terrain-generation system, which is also based on Geometry Nodes.

Price and system requirements
The base edition of AAA Terrains – the source height maps and color textures – is compatible with any DCC application that supports height maps, and costs $29.

The Pro edition, which adds Erosion Mixer and the other Blender files, is compatible with Blender 3.6.2+ and costs $49.

Read more about AAA Terrains in Boonika Art Tools’ Gumroad store

Read more about Erosion Mixer in the documentation for Terrain Mixer

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