Thursday, January 26th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boonar Studio releases Terrain Mixer 2.1

Boonar Studio’s latest demo of Terrain Mixer, its populiar terrain-generation system for Blender. Sections 1-3 show new features from Terrain Mixer 2.0.5, including new nodes for blending in flat areas of terrain.

Originally posted on 26 January 2023. Scroll down for news of the Terrain Mixer 2.1.0 update.

Boonar Studio has updated Terrain Mixer, its popular node-based terrain-generation system for Blender.

Terrain Mixer 2.0.5 adds the option to blend in flat regions of terrain on which to place props, and bundles a new set of ‘AAA’ 3D scans and materials that can be used as part of terrain.

Terrain Mixer 2.10 adds Erosion Mixer, an intuitive setup for generating custom erosion effects by blending up to four heightmaps.

Generate realistic terrain for games and matte paintings inside Blender
Billed as a “super-fast” tool for games artists, matte painters, concept artists and illustrators, Terrain Mixer enables Blender users to generate realistic terrain inside the open-source 3D software.

As of version 2.0, it comes in two versions, both available as part of the commercial release: the original version, based on shader nodes, and a new version based on Geometry Nodes.

The former blends together up to nine heightmaps – Terrain Mixer comes with over 90 bundled maps – to generate custom terrain, with users able to adjust the result by editing the node network.

The Geometry Nodes version provides additional functionality, and exposes control parameters as sliders.

As well as rendering terrain inside Blender – both versions support Cycles, and the new version supports Eevee – users can bake heightmaps and diffuse textures for export to other DCC apps or game engines.

Terrain Mixer 2.0.5: new nodes for working with flat areas of terrain
To that, Terrain Mixer 2.0.5 adds two new node groups, Plain Terrain Blend and Shader Blend, making it possible to seamlessly blend flat areas onto which props can be placed into uneven terrain.

The download also now includes a new set of ‘AAA’ 3D scans, including rocks and ruined buildings, and scanned materials of ground textures.

Updated 26 September 2023: Boonar Studio has released Terrain Mixer 2.1.0.

The update adds Erosion Mixer, a new Geometry Nodes setup for creating custom erosion effects by mixing up to four heightmaps.

Pricing and system requirements
Terrain Mixer 2.1.0 is available for Blender 3.6.2+. Boonar Studio recommends that you use it with Nvidia GPUs: ideally a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or above. A single-user licence costs $39.

Read more about Terrain Mixer on Boonar Studio’s Gumroad store

Read a full list of new features in Terrain Mixer in the online documentation

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