Friday, August 11th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

NIM Labs launches NIM 6.0

NIM Labs has rolled out NIM 6.0, the latest version of its studio management platform.

The update overhauls NIM’s job bidding system, providing new options for studios to set target profit margins for bids, and to use information from previous jobs to inform new bids.

A locally installed alternative to cloud-based production-management systems
Developed in house at LA post facility Ntropic, NIM is intended to provide a locally installed alternative to cloud-based production management platforms.

Although users view and manage jobs within a standard web browser, the system is supplied as a virtual machine that can be installed behind a company’s firewall.

It provides a fairly standard range of scheduling, production tracking and shot review features, plus more specialised features for timecard management, bidding jobs, and financial projections.

Users include VFX houses Digital Domain and Glassworks, and commercials specialist Taylor James.

NIM 6.0: Revamped bidding system helps studios keep financial control over bids
NIM 6.0 overhauls NIM’s bidding system, reworking the UI, and removing limtations of scale: the system “works just as fast on 100 line items as it does on 10,000”.

New features include the option for studios to set a target profit margin for bids, and a new Client Contacts section, making it possible to view rates previously paid by a client before making bids.

Other changes include updates to NIM’s overall UI, its notifications system, and more granular control over user permissions: you can find a full list in the online release notes.

Pricing and system requirements
NIM 6.0 is available now. Subscription costs $40/month/user or $360/year/user.

NIM is delivered as a preconfigured Ubuntu Server virtual appliance. Users can use virtualisation tools like VirtualBox or vSphere to run the virtual machine on Windows, other flavours of Linux and macOS.

See videos of the new features in NIM 6.0 on NIM Labs’ website

Read a full list of new features in NIM 6.0 in the online documentation