Thursday, April 27th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boris FX releases Mocha Pro 2023

Boris FX has released Mocha Pro 2023, the latest version of its planar tracking software.

The release features workflow improvements throughout the software’s rotoscoping, tracking and rendering toolsets, with many changes specifically intended to streamline workflow on complex shots.

Roto: new options for adjusting, expanding and splitting roto splines
The rotoscoping toolset gets a new Falloff tool, shown at 00:30 in the video above, intended to make the process of making larger adjustments to roto splines more organic.

Users can adjust the radius and strength of the falloff gradient to control how many points are affected while dragging the spline around in the viewport.

It is also now possible to shrink or grow splines based on edge angle rather than direct scaling, which should mean that less manual adjustment is needed when expanding complex matte shapes.

To streamline work on complex shots, a new Split Contours option splits the points selected into a separate layer, retaining all of their keyframes, making it possible to split large roto shapes into sets of smaller ones.

It is also possible to create a duplicate layer that removes all existing keyframes, but retains the current shape of the roto spline, intended to make it easier to break up tracks into sections.

Tracking and rendering: new Merge Tracks option,improvements to Insert and Remove
Changes to the tracking toolset include a new Merge Tracks option to merge multiple layers of tracking data into one, intended to streamline the process of exporting more complex tracks.

The Insert Module gets a new Difference blending mode, intended to make it easier to line up inserts with footage, and improvements to the Region of Interest cropping system.

The Remove Module gets a new Static Scene option that makes it possible to remove moving objects from locked shots without having to track them, reducing processing time.

Pipeline integration and plugin changes
Pipeline changes include support for reading 12-bit DPX images, and for VFX Reference Platform 2022.

The OFX plugin edition of Mocha Pro gets the option generate tracking data directly inside Nuke, rather than having to copy it to the clipboard or export it to disk.

There are also a number of smaller changes: you can find a full list via the links below.

Pricing and system requirements
Mocha Pro 2023 is available as a standalone application, and as Adobe, Avid and OFX plugins. The standalone edition is compatible with Windows 8.1+, RHEL/CentOS 7+ Linux and macOS 10.13+.

The plugins are compatible with After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2014+, Media Composer 8+, Nuke 8+, Flame 2020/2021, Fusion Studio 8+, Silhouette 2020+ and Vegas Pro 14+.

A new licence costs $695 for the Adobe, Avid or OFX plugins, $995 for all the plugins, or $1,495 for the standalone edition plus all of the plugins.

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