Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Unity to raise subscription prices next month

Unity is to raise the the prices of its Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise and Unity Industrial Collection subscriptions between 13-25% from 13 October 2022. The new prices for the game engine are shown in the table below.

Unity Plus subscriptions and free Unity Personal subscriptions are unaffected.

Unity subscription price rises on 13 October 2022
Subscription type Current price New price
Unity Pro, prepaid yearly $1,800/year $2,040/year
Unity Pro, paid monthly $150/month $185/month
Unity Enterprise $2,400/year $3,000/year
Unity Industrial Collection $2,520/year $2,950/year

Price rises attributed to inflation and increased investment in R&D
Unity’s rationale for the price rises, set out in its online FAQs, is fairly simple: that it’s nearly three years since it last raised its prices, and that its costs have increased since then.

The 13% increase in the cost of a annual Pro subscription is broadly in line with cumulative inflation in the US over that period, although some of the other increases are higher.

In particular, the cost of a Unity Enterprise subscription rises by 25%.

However, Unity also says that it has “expanded [its] R&D resources by 172%” in the same period, and the subscription packages affected are indeed due to get new features.

With the release of Unity 2022.2 this year, all three packages will include AR authoring toolset Unity Mars, currently priced at $600/year, along with Havok Physics for Unity, currently a free experimental package.

Unity Enterprise and UIC subscriptions also get new support packages; and Unity Enterprise gets an additional year of Long Term Support, with the LTS period raised from two to three years.

No change to free Unity Personal and paid Unity Plus subscriptions
Unity Personal subscriptions are unaffected, and will remain free to artists earning under $100,000/year. The lowest-cost commercial subscription, the $399/year Unity Plus plan, is also unaffected.

Unity says that it is “committed to ensuring Unity continues to be accessible to the millions of students, hobbyists, and indies starting out on their game development journeys”.

Read more about the 2022 price increases to Unity subscriptions in the online FAQs

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