Friday, July 22nd, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: Sculptron’s crazy new cloth sculpting tools

Otoy 3D artist Lino Grandi has posted previews of some of the new features in development for Sculptron, the firm’s unusual GPU-based digital sculpting tool aimed at editing animation caches.

The sneak peeks show an eye-catching cloth brush, cloth-like dynamic sculpting in many of the software’s other sculpting brushes, and a new Wrinkle deformer.

New cloth brush and dynamic sculpting features deform meshes in crazy ways
Although Sculptron shipped with a standard set of 3D sculpting brushes, the new tools manipulate 3D geometry in much more extreme ways.

First up is a cloth brush (shown at the top of story) which deforms a surface into realistic folds and wrinkles. Much like its counterparts in Blender and ZBrush, it looks crazy fun to play around with.

Similar dynamic sculpting capabilities have also been added to several of Sculptron’s other brushes, including the Bulge, Clay, Move, Pinch, Push, Smudge, Twirl brushes, as shown in the video above.

New wrinkle deformer automatically generates realistic folds in the clothing of animated characters
Grandi also shared a preview of another application of the technology: a new wrinkle deformer, shown in use in the video above to generate wrinkles in the body suit of a running character.

Pricing, release dates and system requirements
The new features are scheduled for release in the next public build of Sculptron, due out later this month.

Sculptron is available for Windows 10 only. It does not support Intel GPUs, but otherwise only requires OpenGL 4.6, so both AMD and Nvidia cards should work.

The software is rental-only, with subscriptions costing €9.99/month (around $10/month).

See previews of Sculptron’s new cloth brush and wrinkle deformer on Lino Grandi’s Instagram feed