Thursday, January 20th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get free Substance Designer add-on Trimsheet Maker Pro

Games artist and tools developer Nathaniel Albright – aka 3D CG Guru – has released Trimsheet Maker Pro, a handy new Substance 3D Designer add-on that combines multiple materials or images into a single map.

The base edition, which combines up to eight materials, is free; paid editions cost $10-20 and make it possible to combine any number of materials, and to include decals in the trim sheet generated.

Streamlining the process of creating trim sheets for games environment art workflows
Commonly used by games environment artists to reduce asset development time and improve consistency of output, trim sheets combine a collection of repeating texture elements into a single map.

Trimsheet Maker Pro streamlines the process of generating them in Substance 3D Designer, Adobe’s industry-standard material authoring app, providing a template to which artists can add their own materials.

Users can control the size and direction of the tiles on the trim sheet it generates, and which PBR texture channels to include. The add-on supports both square and rectangular source textures.

The free base edition of the software can combine up to eight materials; the paid editions make it possible to combine an unlimited number of materials into a single trim sheet.

Users of the Pro edition also get the option to export a colour ID map alongside the trim sheet, and to disable tiling in the map generated, making it possible to create texture atlases, or to mix decals with trims.

Pricing and system requirements
Trimsheet Maker 1.0 is provided as a .sbsar file for Substance Designer 11.3+.

The base version is free, including for use on commercial projects. The Standard edition costs $10 and the Pro edition costs $20. Studio licences include access to the source .sbs file and cost $200.

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