Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Maxon’s 2021 reel

Maxon has released its 2021 showreel: a three-minute round-up of the best new work created in Cinema 4D – and for the first time in a Maxon reel, the firm’s other CG software, Redshift and the Red Giant tools.

It’s a surreal, colourful three-minute trip through work ranging from movie effects to motion graphics. Below, we’ve picked out a few highlights, along with links to videos showing how the projects were created.

VFX from veteran users of Redshift and Red Giant tools
The reel doesn’t list which project was created using which app, but viral online content creation sensations Corridor Digital are long-term Red Giant users, as well as more recent converts to Cinema 4D.

Similarly, VFX facility Stormborn Studios, featured here for its work on UFO drama Project Blue Book, are established Redshift users. You can see a breakdown video of the effects here.

Colourful chaos from Cinema 4D creatives
Back in more familiar Cinema 4D territory, titles sequences are represented by… well, Territory Studio, in the shape of its work on Insomniac Games action adventure Spider-Man: Miles Morales (see a breakdown here).

Branding and idents are also featured, in the shape of Maxon showreel favourites Tendril’s brand film for ESPN (see a breakdown here) and motion designer Sophia Kyriacou’s titles for the BBC’s Oscars coverage.

There’s also a lot of nice motion design work from the likes of Vitaly Grossmann, breakdowns for which can be found in his Behance gallery, and Yambo Studio, whose own gallery can be found here.

But, as is often true of Maxon reels, some of the most memorable work is also the most offbeat.

As cases in point, check out the animated sequences for Adult Swim black comedy Dream Corp, produced by Bemo and art directed by William Mendoza, and Bomper Studios’ music videos for Foo Fighters.

The one featured on the reel is for No Son of Mine, but Bomper also worked on the band’s latest video, Chasing Birds, which boasts a eye-catchingly trippy project breakdown.

Read more about Cinema 4D, Redshift and the Red Giant tools on Maxon’s website