Sunday, March 1st, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 2,000 free 3D models from the Smithsonian collection

The Smithsonian, the group of 19 leading US museums and research institutions, has launched its new Open Access initiative in association with open standards body Khronos Group.

The program makes it possible to download 2.8 million images from the Smithsonian archives for free, along with over 2,000 3D models of the exhibits in OBJ and glTF format.

Get over 2,000 3D models of objects in the Smithsonian collections under a CC0 licence
As with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, assets in the Smithsonian Open Access program are released under a CC0 licence, making it possible to use them in commercial projects without attribution.

The assets available include text, sound recordings and research datasets, although the bulk are 2D images: currently over 2.8 million images are available.

However, there are also over 2,000 3D models, mainly derived from scans of objects in the Smithsonian collection, ranging from sculptures and natural history specimens to the Apollo 11 command module.

3D models can be downloaded as OBJ files or in glTF format, Khronos Group’s open standard for exchanging assets between real-time 3D applications.

Download over 2,000 free 3D models from Smithsonian’s online archive under a CC0 licence

Read Smithsonian’s FAQs about its Open Access Initiative