Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out neat ZBrush retopology tool EaZyremesh

Games artist Francis-Xavier Martins has released EaZyremesh, an interesting new ZBrush retopology plugin.

The plugin streamlines the process of creating clean, near-animation-ready geometry from ZBrush sculpts, making it possible to use Polypainted guide lines, slices or masks to control the flow of edge loops.

Control the flow of edge loops and creases when remeshing ZBrush sculpts
EaZyremesh is intended to improve the topology generated by ZBrush’s native remeshing tools, making it possible for users to control the flow of edge loops, and to preserve sharp creases.

Martins describes it as a “make-your-life-easy tool”: not intended to create final, animation-ready assets, but to significantly reduce the amount of manual clean-up required in other DCC software.

The plugin automates the process set out in a tutorial Martins wrote last year exploring how to use guide lines Polypainted onto a sculpt’s surface to control edge flow when using ZBrush’s ZRemesher system.

As well as manually painting guide lines, EaZyremesh users can control edge loops by slicing the model – useful for fingers and limbs – or by painting masks for clothing.

Pricing and system requirements
EaZyremesh is available for the current release of ZBrush. It costs $6.99.

Read more about EaZyremesh for ZBrush on the plugin’s ArtStation store page