Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Foundry’s 2019 APAC showreel

Foundry has released its 2019 APAC showreel, an eye-catching two-minute round-up of the best new work created using Foundry software like Nuke, Mari, Modo and Katana in the Asia-Pacific region.

That includes some of the biggest Chinese VFX blockbusters of the past year, with highlights including MoreVFX‘s work on movies like The Wandering Earth, a breakdown of which can be found here.

It also includes anime from some of Japan’s leading studios, including Toei Animation and Polygon Pictures.

However, the work from Korean studios is the most varied, ranging from Macrograph and mofac‘s movie effects (see breakdowns here and here) to Giantstep‘s motion graphics and Locus‘s animated series.

Read a full list of studios featured in Foundry’s 2019 APAC showreel