Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

10bit FX introduces new pricing options for Notch Playback

10bit FX has introduced new pricing options for Notch Playback, its real-time graphics system for event visuals, including a weekly rental option and perpetual licences for permanent installations.

Weekly rental for freelancers, plus perpetual licences for installation work
Designed to create visuals for live events, Notch Playback provides a similar set of graphics tools to its sister product, Notch Builder, which we’ve covered on CG Channel, but integrates directly to media servers.

The new pricing model introduces a weekly rental option in addition to the existing annual subscription. It costs £50/week (around $65), and supports playback at unlimited resolution.

New users also need a Notch USB dongle, which costs £75 ($95), but which can be reused indefinitely.

In addition, 10bit FX now offers perpetual licences, for use on permanent installations.

They are priced according to playback resolution, with a HD licence costing £500 ($640), a 4k licence costing £995 ($1,275), and unlimited resolution costing £4,250 ($5,455).

All of the perpetual licences include the cost of the dongle, and come with three months of updates.

Pricing and system requirements
Notch Playback is available for Windows 7+. You can see a list of compatible media servers here. Pricing is covered in the story above.

Read more about the new pricing for Notch Playback on 10bit FX’s blog