Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Soft8Soft releases Verge3D 2.12 for 3ds Max and Blender

Soft8Soft has released Verge3D 2.12, the latest version of its framework for converting 3ds Max or Blender scenes into WebGL-based 3D web applications.

The update enables WebGL 2.0 by default, supports MSAA and SSAA antialiasing, and introduces new easing modes for creating procedural animations via the TweenJS library.

Default support for WebGL 2.0 and its advanced graphics features
One key change in Verge3D 2.12 is that WebGL 2.0, the latest version of the specification, now available in many web browsers, is now enabled by default on supported devices.

That also means that its new graphics features are available, including Non-Power-Of-Two (NPOT) texture scaling, and HDR rendering on a wider range of hardware.

The update also enables Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) and Super-Sample Anti-Aliasing (SSAA), with controls to trade the quality of anti-aliased frames against performance.

Other changes include integration of the TweenJS JavaScript library, introducing 31 easing modes for controlling procedural animations, plus the repeat, yoyo and duration settings.

The new graphics features are supported by updates to Puzzles, Verge3D’s visual programming system.

In addition, support for the rapidly evolving WebXR API has been temporarily disabled in favour of the legacy mode for VR devices, and there is the usual list of smaller features and bugfixes.

New 3ds Max and Blender-specific features
The 3ds Max edition now supports the Gradient Ramp Map and extends support for the Physical Material, including the Coating Bump Map input, and the Transparency parameters.

The Blender edition gets support for the Gradient Texture node and a more streamlined UI, with new options to choose which collections to export in a scene.

Pricing and availability
Verge3D 2.12 is available for 3ds Max 2015+, Blender 2.79 or the beta version of Blender 2.80.

The software can be trialled for free; for production, a personal licence costs $290, a team licence costs $990, and an enterprise licence – which gets you source code access – costs $2,990.

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