Friday, October 4th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Soft8Soft ships Verge3D 2.15 for 3ds Max and Blender

Soft8Soft has released Verge3D 2.15 for 3ds Max and Blender, the latest version of its framework for converting 3D scenes into WebGL-based web applications.

Both updates add support for game controllers within Verge3D-created applications, plus the option to use ‘standard’ glTF files: that is, those not exported from Verge3D itself.

Both editions: support for game controllers, better handling of glTF files
The big addition in both editions of Verge3D is support for game controllers.

The implementation within Puzzles, the visual programming system used inside Verge3D, supports a range of devices, including gamepads, joysticks, steering wheels and VR controllers.

Soft8Soft has also posted an online diagnostics tool to help users map controller buttons to inputs.

Both editions also get support for ‘standard’ glTF files: files in .gltf and .glb format created in other DCC applications, rather than with Verge3D itself.

New Puzzles automatically create a scene camera and set up an HDR environment and lighting if either is missing in the file imported.

Verge3D’s own glTF exporter has also been updated, reducing the size of the files it generates: exported .gltf files are now around 80% smaller, if the graphs on on Soft8Soft’s blog are typical.

Blender only: better support for the Image Texture node, preliminary support for Blender 2.81
Features unique to the Blender edition include greater support for Blender’s Image Texture node, including all of the texture projection methods available, plus the Extend and Clip texture mapping options.

The release also adds support for Blender 2.80’s Filmic colour management setting, plus preliminary support for Blender 2.81, the next update to the software, which is currently due to ship in November.

The 3ds Max edition gets new Puzzles for animating or reparenting the target object of a camera; and the Verge3D App Manager can now be launched independently of 3ds Max itself.

Both editions also get new programming features and a range of smaller updates. You can find a full list of features via the links at the foot of the story.

Pricing and availability
Verge3D 2.15 is available for Blender 2.79b and 2.80, and 3ds Max 2017+.

The software can be trialled for free; for production, a personal licence costs $290, a team licence costs $990, and an enterprise licence – which gets you source code access – costs $2,990.

Read a full list of new features in Verge3D 2.15 for 3ds Max on Soft8Soft’s website

Read a full list of new features in Verge3D 2.15 for Blender on Soft8Soft’s website