Saturday, April 27th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Next Limit launches RoomBox

Next Limit has launched RoomBox, a new cloud-linked architectural visualisation platform.

It enables users to convert 2D AutoCAD, Revit or Rhino plans into 3D environments, drag in readymade models based on real-world products, then render the finished scenes online.

Currently primarily a Spanish-language product, but English documentation is available
RoomBox has been in development for some time – Next Limit has had a holding page on the product website since 2014 – but only really got going this year, launching in closed beta last month.

Its social media accounts and some of the promotional materials – like the teaser video above – are Spanish-only, but there are English-language versions of most of the online materials.

Import 2D floorplans and convert them into 3D environments for rendering
Whereas existing visualisation platforms like CL3VER require users to import complete 3D scenes for rendering, RoomBox enables users to start from basic floorplans.

Users can import 2D plans created in AutoCAD, Revit or Rhino, extrude walls, doors and windows to create 3D environments, and add procedurally generated stairs, skirtings and mouldings.

The scene can then be populated by dragging in readymade 3D assets from online libraries.

As well as Xfrog’s 3D plants, stock assets include furniture models based on real-world products from RoomBox’s partner companies, currently mainly local Spanish firms.

Shading, lighting and rendering use the same core technology as Next Limit’s Maxwell renderer, with users dragging and dropping readymade materials onto the scene.

Renders can be generated locally in the cloud – subscriptions include two hours per month of cloud render time – with Next Limit’s MultiLight technology making it possible to adjust lighting without re-rendering.

Pricing and system requirements
RoomBox is available now. The software is Windows-only, and installs locally, but requires users to log into an online account on launch. Subscriptions start at €39.90/month (around $45/month).

Read more about RoomBox on the product website