Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the free beta of Jet Fluids for Cinema 4D

GameLogicDesign – aka developer Kent Barber, creator of the Plugins 4D range of tools – has just released Jet Fluids, its new fluid simulation plugin for Cinema 4D, as a free beta.

A multi-threaded fluid simulation tool with a range of solver types
Jet Fluids is based on the open-source Jet framework created by Apple senior engineer Doyub Kim.

It supports a range of simulation methods, include purely grid-based simulation, and the hybrid grid/particle-based FLIP, PIC and APIC methods used in Maya and Houdini’s fluid solvers.

Hybrid sims can be rendered using Cinema 4D’s Thinking Particles toolset or a MoGraph Cloner object.

The software is multi-threaded, using all but two CPU cores for simulation – the remaining cores are reserved so that the UI remains interactive – and is said to perform well even on a four-core system.

Aside from that, little documentation is available online, so the best way to discover Jet Fluids’ other capabilities is to download the beta and try it for yourself.

The plugin is only being worked on part-time, and will not be feature-complete for “quite some time”, but based on positive early feedback, Barber is considering a Kickstarter campaign to fund development.

System requirements and availability
Jet Fluids is available for Cinema 4D R20 running on Windows and Mac OS X. The plugin is available free during the beta period.

Barber says that he also aims to release the software as a standalone tool for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Read more about Jet Fluids on the product website

Download the free beta of Jet Fluids from the Plugins 4D website