Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe releases Character Animator CC 1.5

Adobe has released Character Animator CC 1.5, the latest update to its 2D puppet animation software, adding new tools for managing takes, and updating the particles and trigger systems.

The release – also referred to as Character Animator CC (April 2018) – will be on show at NAB 2018, alongside After Effects CC 15.1 and Premiere Pro CC 12.1.

New tools for managing takes, plus improvements to particles
Rather than adding big headline features, the update improves several existing toolsets – in particular, the options for managing the video footage of an actor used to drive the animation of a puppet.

There is now a three-second countdown to cue the actor in when recording, plus a new Scene Snapshot feature to help match an actor or character’s pose when resuming from the end of a previous take.

Users can also now copy and paste takes between puppets or projects, making it easier to reuse animations.

Character Animator’s particle system has also been extended, with particles now able to collide with puppets and one another, making it possible to create effects ranging from rain to simple rigid body dynamics.

Workflow improvements when using Triggers and the Controls panel
The Triggers system, used to create and edit animation by toggling or cycling the visibility of image layers, gets quite a number of workflow improvements.

The video above shows them in action, and is probably a better summary of the new features than Adobe’s online changelogs.

Other workflow changes include a revamped, more customisable UI for the Controls panel, including the option to create your own button artwork; and a new visual editor for keyboard shortcuts.

There are also a number of new readymade puppet templates, including a 2D claymation-style character.

Pricing and availability
Character Animator CC 1.5 is available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.11+ on a rental-only basis.

Annual subscriptions for Character Animator alone currently cost $19.99/month, while subscriptions to all of Adobe’s creative tools start at $49.99/month, although prices are due to rise on 16 April 2018.

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