Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe releases Character Animator CC 2.1

Adobe has released Character Animator CC 2.1, the latest update to its 2D puppet animation software, streamlining repetitive actions and adding a new Character Trigger extension for Twitch streamers.

The release will be on show at NAB 2019 next week, alongside Adobe’s other Spring 2019 updates to its professional video tools, including After Effects CC 16.1, Premiere Pro CC 13.1 and Audition CC 12.1.

New Character Trigger extension lets Twitch viewers control animated characters
The main new feature in Character Animator CC 2.1 is the Character Trigger extension for Twitch streamers.

The extension makes it possible for viewers to trigger actions – like dance moves or costume changes – for an animated character while that character continues to track the streamer’s movements.

You can see the workflow in the video above.

Otherwise, largely a workflow-focused update
Otherwise, Character Animator CC 2.1 is mainly a workflow update, intended to streamline repetitive actions.

It introduces search filtering for behaviors, along with the option to apply behaviors to single layers or multiple layers simultaneously.

It is also now possible to tag puppet layers or handles by right-clicking in the viewport to launch a context-sensitive floating UI window.

Users can also now switch left and right tags, or cut and paste handles from one layer to another.

The release also adds new stretchy IK and auto bend behaviors for limbs, and makes it possible to adjust lip-syncing manually by editing visemes.

Pricing and availability
Character Animator CC 2.1 is available for Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.12+ on a rental-only basis via Adobe’s All Apps subscriptions, which cost $79.49/month, or $52.99/month for an annual plan paid monthly.

Read a full list of new features in Character Animator CC 2.1 in the online documentation