Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Richard Rosenman releases Ultraflares 1.2 for Photoshop

Tools developer Richard Rosenman has released Ultraflares 1.2, the first major update to his lens flare and light leak design tool for Photoshop and other image-editing software.

The release makes the plugin’s interface more customisable for ease of workflow.

Design complex real-world lens effects in Photoshop and similar host software
First released in 2015, Ultraflares is designed to generate complex, physically plausible lens effects, including flares, glints and light leaks.

The results can take account of the underlying hue and intensity of the image, and the position of the flare relative to the edge of the frame; and can be fine-tuned via a sophisticated range of controls.

The plugin supports both 8-bits- or 16-bits-per-channel workflow, and is fully multithreaded.

New in Ultraflares 1.2: updated interface and preset effects
The changes in Ultraflares 1.2 – the first non-bugfix update since the plugin’s release – focus mainly on the UI. Both the interface and the browser can now be maximised or minimised, and dialogs can be resized.

There is also now a visualisation of CPU core usage to help identify bottlenecks during batch-processing; and some of the presets – there are over 200 in total – have been updated.

Pricing and availability
Ultraflares is compatible with Photoshop CS5 and above, Illustrator CS6 and above, Painter 12.1 and above, and a range of similar tools, running on 64-bit Windows XP or higher. It costs $99.99.

Updated 1 February 2018: Richard Rosenman has also released Flarepack Vol. 1, a pack of 30 anamorphic lens flare presets for Ultraflares. The release is the first in a planned series of preset collections.

Read more about Ultraflares on Richard Rosenman’s website
(Includes full online documentation)