Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Allan McKay’s free 10-hour ‘Decay’ VFX training course

Veteran VFX supervisor Allan McKay has released Decay: a new free 10-hour training course exploring how to create a horror-style face-melting effect.

As well as the tutorial videos, the course includes all of the project files needed to recreate the effect in a range of DCC applications, but it will only be available online until 12 January 2018.

Discover how to create a complete movie-style creature FX shot
Although McKay has released a number of free training courses in the past, Decay is his first to focus on a creature effect rather than an environmental destruction shot.

The tutorial, which is divided up into seven individual videos, shows how to create the effect of an unfortunate actor’s face dissolving into sludge, simulated in 3ds Max’s new Fluids toolset.

Supporting files include 2K versions of the background plates – originally shot on a RED Epic-W camera – in JPG and EXR format, and complete project files.

McKay has also provided the assets for the shot in FBX and Alembic format, so while the videos themselves focus on 3ds Max, it should be possible to recreate the effect in other DCC packages.

Allan McKay’s Decay training course is available for free until 12 January 2018 via the link below. To gain access to the files, you’ll need to register on McKay’s site.

Register for the free Decay VFX training course on Allan McKay’s website