Sunday, November 12th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download over 400 free Cinema 4D materials

Originally posted on 12 March 2017. Scroll down for news of new resources available.

New online resource library C4D Center has made 87 Cinema 4D materials available to download for free.

The materials, which span a range of common texture types – including brick, stone, concrete, metal, wood and more abstract procedurals – are provided in C4D format with 2,048px texture maps.

Each download includes base colour, roughness, normal and height maps, and some include additional maps, including gloss, metallic, AO, diffuse, bump and blur.

All of the files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 custom licence.

Updated 15 March: C4D Center has been in touch to say that it has switched from Creative Commons to a custom licence. You can read the terms of the new licence here: it permits use in commercial projects.

Register on the site and get hundreds more free resources
If you register on C4D Center, which involves signing up for an email newsletter, you also get access to a separate set of free resources in The Vault: a password-protected section of the site.

At the time of posting, these include 20 further procedural materials themed around futuristic buildings, 200 image-based normal maps, and 33 material libraries ranging from wood and glass to lava and even slime.

According to C4D Center, new materials are being added to the site each week, the majority created using tools including Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer and Greyscale Gorilla’s Topcoat.

Updated 12 November 2018: Since our original story, C4D Center has continued to add to its library of free materials. There are now over 400 to download, plus a collection of 22 stylised materials.

The Vault has also been updated with a set of free models: mainly industrial objects like gas tanks, hand trucks, warning cones and dumpsters. All are provided in C4D format, and are free for commmercial use.

Download free Cinema 4D materials from C4D Center