Monday, June 12th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Wireshape needs beta testers

Brazilian start-up Wireshape has launched its new online marketplace for 3D scan data in private beta. The firm is offering $50 in credits towards the purchase of scanned models to anyone accepted as a beta tester.

Real-world 3D scan data at resolutions suitable for real-time and offline work
According to Wireshape, the site is intended to provide assets for use in a range of entertainment industries, including visual effects, game development, and virtual and augmented reality projects.

Assets are provided at two levels of quality. RT (Real-Time) assets, intended for use in game and VR work, are supplied as low-poly meshes in OBJ or FBX format with 2-4K textures, including a normal map.

ED (Extreme Definition) assets, intended for use in visual effects and graphics work, are supplied as OBJ or ZTL files with six subdivision levels, with 8-16K textures, including a displacement map.

The team behind Wireshape has direct experience of the needs of artists working in production: founder and CEO Cristiano Policarpo also runs CG facility BaloOm Animation Studios.

“Over the last few years our team has been developing a new 3D scanning process to ensure [a new level of fidelity] to the real object and now we’re wanting to hear from the community”, said Policarpo.

Register for the private beta now
Wireshape is currently in private beta, and is actively trying to recruit CG artists to act as beta testers.

Anyone accepted for the beta program will get $50 to spend on models from the stie, and is “guaranteeing discount coupons up to 40% and extra gifts as an incentive to those who [generate] more feedback”.

Visit the Wireshape online marketplace for 3D scan data
(Includes link to register for the private beta)