Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eos Systems releases PhotoModeler UAS

Eos Systems has released PhotoModeler UAS: a new version of its image-based modelling software designed specifically for use with drone photography.

PhotoModeler UAS – it stands for ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ – replaces PhotoModeler Motion at the high end of Eos Systems’ product range, and includes its time-based measurement toolset.

Process large sets of drone images for scientific and survey work
The new edition builds on development work done in PhotoModeler 2016, which was specifically promoted as handling large sets of source images such as those produced by drone photography.

According to Eos Systems, in PhotoModeler UAS, those processing capabilities can be further augmented by using GPS data to improve speed and accuracy of image processing.

Other features of the new edition, which is primarily targeted at scientific and survey work, include support for geographic coordinate systems, and for generating volume objects.

Once generated, 3D terrain can be displayed with a contour overlay, or with false-colour data generated by multi-spectral image analyses of vegetation and ground conditions such as NDVI.

Other editions of the software get performance updates
Eos has also released PhotoModeler 2016.1, a free update for existing users of other editions of the software.

It’s primarily a performance update, improving speed and stability of the software, but it does also roll the time-based functionality of the old PhotoModeler Motion into the mid-price PhotoModeler Scanner edition.

Pricing and availability
The PhotoModeler 2016.1 product range is available now for Windows Vista and above.

The base edition costs $1,145; PhotoModeler Scanner, which adds support for automated image alignment and point cloud data, costs $2,495; PhotoModeler UAS costs $3,495. See a comparison table here.

Read more about the new features in PhotoModeler UAS on Eos Systems’ blog

Homepage image: CineCopter II drone. Source: Wikimedia Commons.