Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eos Systems releases PhotoModeler 2015 line-up

PhotoModeler’s SmartMatch functionality. Processing speed of projects using SmartMatch has been increased between two and four times in PhotoModeler 2015, according developer Eos Systems’ comparison table.

Eos Systems has released PhotoModeler 2015, the latest update to its line of image-based modelling and measurement software, boosting raw speed by up to four times, and improving the masking functionality.

Although widely used in industries like engineering, surveying and forensics, PhotoModeler is also a full-featured photogrammetry package for entertainment work, generating highly accurate 3D models.

Speed boosts on complex projects
The headline feature this time round is processing speed. A comparison table on the Eos Systems blog shows the PhotoModeler 2015 products as between two and four times faster than the previous releases.

The speed boost increases with the number of photos used, and it seems to be specific to the SmartMatch and Multi-View Stereo tools in the higher-end Scanner and Motion editions of the software.

There are also more general UI speed increases: opening projects or images should now be “snappier”.

New features include new Invert Mask and Cancel Mask commands, and the option to output a model larger than the original scanned object.

Pricing and availability
PhotoModeler 2015 is available now for Windows XP and above. The base edition costs $1,145, while PhotoModeler Scanner, which adds support for modelling organic objects and SmartMatch, costs $2,495.

The top-of-the-range edition, PhotoModeler Motion, which includes a time-based measurement toolset, and is aimed primarily at scientific and surveying work, costs $3,495.

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