Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 600+ free panoramas of trees, clouds and mountains


Originally posted on 21 August 2016. Scroll down for updates.

Digital matte painter Jacek Pilarksi has released two free packs of panoramic cloud images and one pack of panoramas of mountains and forests, intended for use in matte or concept art work.

The files are supplied in TIFF format, having been converted from RAW data without sharpening.

The first cloud pack comprises 140 panoramas, supplied at 10k-28k resolution, and extending over 180°; the second comprises 230 reference images and panoramas, at up to 17k resolution and 120° coverage.

The mountains and forests pack also comprises 230 reference images and panoramas, the latter supplied at 10k-30k resolution, and extending over 180°. All of the files are licensed for commercial use.

Pilarski also has two commercial packs of panoramic images of aerial clouds and of mountains and forests available on his Gumroad page, both of which sell for under $10.

The two packs of panoramic cloud images and the pack of panoramic mountain and forest images are available from Jacek Pilarski’s Gumroad page via the link below.

The files are free to download, but you can enter a voluntary donation on checkout.


Updated 18 October 2016: Jacek Pilarski has released over 100 new free reference images of trees.

The set comprises almost 10GB of images shot at London’s Kew Gardens, including both vertical images of individual trees and horizontal panoramas of treetops, some extending over 180° at 10-20k resolution.

Since our original story, Pilarski has also switched jobs: he still works as a digital matte painter, but at Double Negative rather than MPC.

Download the free panoramic cloud, mountain and forest images from Jacek Pilarski’s Gumroad page