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Get free Maya shader library building tool BlissLib

Friday, November 20th, 2015 | Posted by Jim Thacker

TD and creative director Einar Gabbassov has released BlissLib, a new free framework for creating custom shader libraries in Maya, storing sets of shader networks as reusable presets.

The tool comes with a simple readymade UI for browsing the library, from which each asset is hot-swappable during interactive render sessions, to speed up look development work.

It supports “complex and heavy networks” and has been tested with RenderMan RIS, mental ray and Maya Software shaders. In theory, it should work with “any renderer which plays nicely with Maya Hypershade”.

BlissLib has already been integrated with RenderMan shader vendor LollipopShaders’ RIS100 library, part of which is also available to download for free.

BlissLib is available free for Maya 2014 and above. Using it involves a bit of copying and pasting short snippets of code, but you can find full instructions via the link below.

Download BlissLib from Einar Gabbassov’s website

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