Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the 2015 Houdini demo reel

Side Effects Software has released its new Houdini demo reel, showcasing some of the best recent work created with the procedural 3D software – and as you might expect, it’s a pretty varied selection.

There’s suprisingly little from blockbuster VFX movies this year, bar Method Studios’ work on Guardians of the Galaxy, but there are some major animated features, in the shape of Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Pixar’s Inside Out.

Japanese animation is also well-represented: Polygon Pictures, Toei Animation and Digital Frontier all feature.

Away from the movies, there’s some nice commercials work from both established players like Framestore and The Embassy VFX and up-and-comers like Electric Theatre Collective and Eight VFX.

Game cinematics also get a look-in, courtesy of Axis Animation, and there’s even some nice student work from CG Student Award finalist Oleg Memukhin. Neat.

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