Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

cebas releases thinkingParticles 6.2

Cebas has released thinkingParticles 6.2, its second ‘Subscription Drop’ for users of its 3ds Max physics plugin, further expanding its multiphysics capabilities with a new integrated gaseous fluid simulation system.

The new toolset joins thinkingParticles’ increasingly long list of simulation types, which now include particle effects, rigid and soft body dynamics, and liquids.

Create controllable particle-based smoke and fire
Unlike tools like FumeFX, thinkingParticles uses a pure particle-based approach to gaseous fluid simulation.

The resulting smoke and fire can interact with other physics objects – cebas’ demo videos show interactions with rigid bodies and the creation of a rotor wash effect – or be controlled by thermodynamic properties.

The update also introduces a new particle rendering system, shown in the video above, which enables users to render simple particle systems as volumetric effects, without the need to use dedicated tools like Krakatoa.

Pricing and availability
thinkingParticles 6.2 is available now for 3ds Max 2014 and above. Like 3ds Max itself, cebas has adopted a rental-only pricing model, with a subscription costing €540 per year (around $600).

Read more about thinkingParticles 6.2 on cebas’s website
(Includes demo videos of all the new features)