Monday, June 29th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Maxime Roz’s six free high-res interior HDRIs


Originally posted on 22 May 2015. Scroll down for updates.

Artist Maxime Roz has released a free pack of six high-resolution equirectangular HDR images of interiors, including some interesting domestic and commercial environments.

Each of the images in the pack is provided as a 7K or 3K equirectangular EXR file, along with a rendered 3D preview on four standard display spheres. The assets are licensed for use in commercial work.

Updated 29 June: Maxime Roz has posted a second pack of five HDRI interiors. Again, all of the files are 7K equirectangular environments.

Correction: our orignal story listed the new files as free. They’re actually a commercial resource, and cost $10.

Roz notes that the new images “have way less chromatic aberration and are sharper” than the originals.

Read more about the free HDRI pack on Maxime Roz’s website
(Includes individual download links)

Download the complete pack of six HDRIs from Gumroad
(Includes the option to make a voluntary donation. Enter a figure of $0 to download the files for free.)

Download the newer pack of five HDRIs from Gumroad
(Commercial, costs $10)