Thursday, May 28th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Escape Motions releases Rebelle paint package

Originally posted on 27 March. Scroll down for updates, including news of the commercial release.

Escape Motions, developer of the hard-to-classify Flame Painter and Amberlight digital painting packages, has unveiled a more conventional – but no less cool – new application.

Rebelle mimics the behaviour of watercolour and acrylic paint, complete with fluid flow and blending.

Control liquid paint in real time
Users can control the flow of the paint in real time by tilting or blowing on the virtual page; and there are options to dry the paint or re-wet paint that has already dried.

Colours blend realistically, and there are controls for smudging and blending paint, and for progressively erasing brushstrokes that have already been created.

As you might expect, the application supports Wacom tablets, and includes standard digital painting features like layers and layer blending modes.

You can see what the tool is capable of in the paintings created by early testers on the product’s homepage.

Updated 28 May: Rebelle is shipping. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS X, price $59.99. In addition to the online alpha linked below, you can now download a conventional desktop trial version.

As well as watercolour and acrylic, the software can mimic pastel, pencil, pen, marker and airbrush effects.

Escape Motions has also posted a feature roadmap on the product page. Developer Peter Blaskovic tells us that he plans to mimic real-world watercolour techniques in future, such as salting or scraping the paper.

Visit the Rebelle product page
(Includes download link for the trial version)

Try the free experimental version of Rebelle online
May require changing your Java settings and ignoring automated security alerts. More information on the site